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California’s “Super-User” Surcharge

Chris’ Solar Tips: Super-User Surcharge Written by Meghan Woods, Marketing Manager & Content Creator   What’s Coming Every 6-12 months energy rates are slightly increased at our utility company’s discretion. This “super-user” charge is something entirely different; it is a big deal. A new state-mandated surcharge is in effect

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Solar Production Factors

Factors Negatively Affecting Your Production Written by Meghan Woods, Marketing Manager & Content Creator     Shading Shade is definitely an issue for solar panels. Your system’s production relies on the energy it gets from the sun’s rays. Anything obstructing its direct contact with the sun will cause it to be less

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Why You Should Check Your Solar Inverter

Check It Regularly If you fail to check your inverter regularly, it can have a negative impact on your solar investment. As issues can arise with your production, we recommend checking your inverter at least once a week. This prevents costly consequences that occur with underproduction. Over the course of several months, small system malfunctions

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