Solar Negotiators Offers Clients a New Way to Manage Their Energy Data

Solar Negotiators Offers Clients a New Way to Manage Their Energy Data

Solar Negotiators Offers Clients a New Way to Manage Their Energy Data


Introducing Know True-Up™

Fresno, CA – “Over the years we’ve learned from our clients that it isn’t always easy to manage your usage and your solar production side by side” States Co-owner and Company President of Solar Negotiators Leroy Coffman. “This can result in unexpectedly high bills, which reverses the positive aspects of the solar investment. We wanted to offer solar customers a way to minimize their solar True-Up bills.”


Solar Negotiators, locally-owned solar company, provides existing solar customers a new way to monitor their energy data. In 2016, the owners partnered up with software engineers to develop a one-of-a-kind online application. They wanted to create something different than what was currently available – ex. Solar Edge and Enphase online monitoring offer customers a way to view their solar production via online or phone application. What is unique about their application Know True-up, is its ability to pull Pacific Gas & Electric’s smart meter data along with solar production, updating clients with their “net usage” in real-time.


Managing Your Energy Usage: Data at Your Fingertips

This feature has potential to save those homeowners from over-consumption, a common occurrence of many new solar customers. By gaining visibility to their overall net usage on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, customers can more easily manage their overall True-Up statement which is issued on a 12-month billing cycle.


Receive Alerts For Production Issues

The second, and most important feature of the application are system alerts. These are received via email when a customer’s solar production dips below optimum levels. One of the most common reasons solar customers accrue high bills is because their system has a production issue that wasn’t discovered until much later on. With Know True-up, customers will be notified within 24 hours ensuring the issue addressed and fixed promptly through their service contractor Solar Maintenance Pros.


Solar Negotiators has released the program to their client base and expects the service to be available to the public by June 1st, 2018. To learn more about Know True-Up please visit or call our team today at (559) 447-1557.

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