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Power Your Electric Car with Solar

Interested in a renewable upgrade for both your home and vehicle? In this week’s article, we list the top things to plan for when investing solar and electric car combo. Many homeowners do not have the money to afford both solar and a new car at the same time. Though, there is a way

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Why Owning Your Solar System Is the Right Choice

Going Solar: Buying vs. Leasing   We Want to Save You Money What you will pay in energy costs over the course of ten years is higher than the cost of financing a solar system. If your average bill is $350, in ten years you will pay $42,000 (ignoring the annual rate increase). Our

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Why You Should Check Your Solar Inverter

Check It Regularly If you fail to check your inverter regularly, it can have a negative impact on your solar investment. As issues can arise with your production, we recommend checking your inverter at least once a week. This prevents costly consequences that occur with underproduction. Over the course of several months, small system malfunctions

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