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Carrie Holt

Inside Sales Associate

Solar Negotiators – Solar Maintenance Pros

Role Responsibilities

Carrie assists our sales team with intake, pre-qualifying and scheduling new clients for solar consultations. She is part of the Inside Sales Department, the team responsible for making first contact with homeowners interested in solar. Carrie assures that all new customers are contacted promptly, and helps them schedule their initial consultation with a qualified consultant.

Email: carrie@solarnegotiators.com    Phone: + 1 559 447 1557

Background & Experience

Carrie is a native to the Central Valley. She grew up in Clovis and graduated from Fresno State University with a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations. She spent many of her professional years in community-based organizations, including a local organization that helps low-income homeowners. With two years of experience, she has increasingly saw the need for solar and understands the impact it will have on the future of our environment. Her main “why" for solar is to one day see her children grow up where the air is clean and you can see the beautiful mountains from the valley every day.