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Chandler Rowland

Contracted Services Manager/RME

Solar Negotiators – Solar Maintenance Pros

Role Responsibilities

Chandler Rowland as the Responsible Managing Employee holds our general contractor’s license. He  works directly with the project management department to oversee the field operations of all home upgrades/renovation projects for clients.

Email: collin@solarnegotiators.com    Phone: + 1 559 447 1557

Background & Experience

Chandler Rowland has a Bachelors of Science degree Agricultural Business from California State University, Fresno. After graduating, Chandler worked in for SunWest Fruit Co. for 2 years, gaining experience in sales. He first started his career in the construction industry while attending college at All American Construction, working as a field manager’s assistant. As a restoration company, their team did a lot of remodels so Chandler estimated job cost, handywork, and also handling materials and inventory. After 4 years of experience working alongside industry professionals, Chandler started his own window company, Three C’s Windows, in 2015.