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Chris Moran

Company Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

Solar Negotiators – Solar Maintenance Pros

Role Responsibilities

Chris Moran is still an active part of the company he built in early 2009. He is heavily involved in the sales training of his team, ensuring Solar Negotiators has the most up-to-date information on equipment pricing, available products, tax incentives, and more. After 7 years in business, his company has attained the status of largest local solar provider in the Central Valley. Is his goal to expand even further in terms of the services they offer to clients, and in 2019 they became California's only full-service solar company.

Email: chris@solarnegotiators.com     Phone: + 1 559 447 1557

Background & Experience

Chris Moran was born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley and began his career in the solar industry over eight years ago. Working with established local electrical contractors and industry leading manufacturers, he aimed to educate valley residents on the benefits of PV solar systems. In 2009, Chris founded a small company in his garage known as Moran Power; an honest business focused on helping consumers get the facts on solar systems in California. That small company is now Solar Negotiators Inc., a well known turnkey solution for affordable solar in the valley. “I would like to thank our clients, my family, and our team here at Solar Negotiators for the support they have shown for this company and its vision."

A Bullard High School and College Valedictorian, Chris has aimed to demonstrate professionalism and competency on all levels of his business. The main goal for his company was to provide the best solar experience possible to valley residents. He is also a proud veteran, having served six years in the United States Marine Corps. Deployed to serve a tour in Iraq in 2007, he drove large fuel trucks at forward refueling points and in convoy.

Chris Moran has entrepreneurial roots going back three generations on both sides of his family. Chris' grandparents bought and operated the Madera radio station in the Mid 1960's, and his grandfather was the voice of the town through the 1980s. His father was a dentist with a private practice in Madera for over 30 years. Chris Moran is also a third generation shareholder at Sebastian Enterprises Incorporated. A business founded in 1946, as Kerman Telephone Company. “I'm so grateful to have grown up in such a solid local company. Attending board meetings as a teenager, I was able to listen to business executives discuss and overcome real corporate challenges. Many of my best leadership principles I learned from those experiences."