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Dewey Ramos

Sales Consultant

Solar Negotiators – Solar Maintenance Pros

Role Responsibilities

Dewey Ramos handles all of our commercial solar sales. He has gained an extensive knowledge from training and experience working beside our owner, Chris Moran. Dewey assists local business owners, churches, and nonprofit organizations with analyzing their solar investment options. 

Email: dewey@solarnegotiators.com    Phone: + 1 559 447 1557

Background & Experience

Dewey grew up in Fresno, attending Clovis West and Fresno State. He studied Sports Medicine at Fresno State and later went into the insurance and financial services industry. He spent 13 years in the insurance and financial services industry before making the transition to solar. Dewey’s knowledge in solar ranges from financial ownership to power purchase agreement’s and leasing programs. Dewey lives in Fresno with his wife and four daughters.