Solar Negotiators Gives Back®

Solar Negotiators is raising awareness for a different non-profit every year with our Give Back campaign! Donate to enter into our give away for a free solar installation.

Introducing The Fresno Resiliency Center

This year, we’re partnering with The Resiliency Center of Fresno, a non-profit founded with the mission of bringing hope and healing to those impacted by trauma. These are children and families in our community desperately in need of support.

Give Back® for a chance to win a free solar system*

*Participant must purchase a $50 raffle ticket between 12/13/21-2/28/22. Winner must move forward with installation to redeem offer. Limitations on system size, pricing and equipment may apply.

    Ways You Can Make an Impact


    The Resiliency Center has been designed to overcome the barriers that prevent kids and families in trauma from getting the help they need.


    The Fresno Police Department receives between 500-700 calls a month involving children exposed to trauma.


    The Resiliency Center staff is uniquely positioned for a proactive approach to kids impacted by trauma.


    $50 provides initial clinical intervention for a child and family in crisis.


    Each family is provided trauma-informed counseling, assuring no child is turned away.


    To goal is to bring healing to hundreds of children every year and a future that is full of hope and promise.