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Meghan J. Harmon

Director of Marketing and Media

Solar Negotiators – Solar Maintenance Pros

Role Responsibilities

As Director of Marketing & Media, Meghan is responsible for the production, management and analysis of all marketing efforts made on behalf of the business. This entails implementing tactical advertisement of the business through media buys. Meghan also produces/designs all material that supports the sales efforts of her team. This includes the company website, blog articles, printed sales materials, and promotional items for the business to gain an advantage over competitors.

Email: meghan@solarnegotiators.com     Phone: + 1 559 447 1557

Background & Experience

Meghan grew up in Murphys, CA and moved to Fresno in 2011 to play college tennis. With a long history of creative writing and background knowledge in design, she decided to focus her attention on marketing, and graduated from CSU Fresno with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Admin. She first discovered her passion for marketing in college, helping local businesses gain consumer interest through branding opportunities and advertising after years working on volunteer projects around the local community.