As the Central Valley’s top choice in solar, Solar Negotiators® made it our duty to make going solar safe and convenient for homeowners. Our team is now offering virtual quotes — get customized pricing on solar power from the comfort of your home.

Solar Negotiators has helped 6,000+ homeowners in the Central San Joaquin Valley go solar. With over 10 years in business, we are the leading residential solar installer in Fresno, California.

Our company’s recent awards:

How We Help

California has one of the highest utility costs in the United States. Combined with the extreme heat in the Central Valley, energy bills are at an all-time high. California also increases their utility rates 5x more than any other state — so you can bet they will keep going up.

Solar Negotiators helps homeowners looking for a way to save on their energy bill. We do this by combining recommendations for home efficiency upgrades like A/C and insulation with solar installation. We make sure your system maximizes the sun’s potential through a combination of design, pricing and most importantly, maintenance services.

Client Savings Stories

Our business is the highest-rated solar installer in our area, with over 500 five-star Google reviews. We understand that keeping our customers happy starts with designing & installing their system the right way. We are the only solar company to offer a lifetime service warranty, complete with human-monitoring.

Jenny Toste
Fresno, CA
At first we were worried about the cost of going solar, but with their affordable financing we saved money on day one. Now our PG&E bill is gone and our payment is less than our electric bill!
Fred Rola
Reedley, CA
Their price beat 3 other quotes from major solar companies hands down. I am so glad I went solar, my blood pressure no longer soars when PG&E sends me a bill. I actually get excited about seeing my savings!
Antony Farfan
Woodlake, CA
Throughout the process we had a very pleasant interaction between us and Solar Negotiators staff. It's been a year and a half and we haven't had to pay for any electricity usage since. We're still very happy!
Ryan Hansen
Fresno, CA
I have had solar installed not once, but twice with Solar Negotiators. Their team is fantastic, and the savings are a no-brainer. We bought our system outright, so we had a much quicker payback on our investment.

Solar Buying Toolkit

Solar Negotiators® wants to help you look at your options objectively and make an informed decision before going solar. There are a few bits of key information you need to know before signing a solar contract.

We have put together the answers to your most frequently asked questions in our Solar Buyer’s Guide eBook, free to download here. Reading this will help you better prepare for your solar consultation with your salesperson. It is important to know the right questions to ask, and have a sense of what your rights are as a solar consumer.

In today’s local market, homeowners are protected through the California Solar Consumer Protection Guide — as document designed with you in mind. It was created to inform and ensure customers are aware of all of their options before signing a long-term contract.

Lastly, we want to introduce you to our company and explain why we are the best option for you. In our Welcome Packet, you can read about how we can help guide you through your solar journey the right way, and maximize your long-term energy savings through our exclusive suite of services.

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Lifetime Warranty Protection

Our clients know that being a Solar Negotiators customer means they never have to worry about their solar. We make it our mission to set our clients up for solar success. That’s why we’re the only solar company to include lifetime human monitoring and maintenance in every contract. We help you manage your power bill long-term by providing regular active monitoring updates to you via email or by phone.

Workmanship Warranty

Once you’re installed with us, Solar Negotiators will cover (1) the labor cost to repair or replace any defective part, material or component for which the labor cost is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and, (2) the labor cost to correct any defective workmanship that is not covered by the installation/workmanship warranty provided by your solar contractor.

The express warranties will continue until you no longer own the Property where the solar is installed.

Pros Membership Plan:

1. A FREE panel cleaning every year

2. Routine visual system inspections performed at each site visit

3. Assignment of an Energy Liaison to manage your account and send quarterly energy performance updates

4. Active monitoring by our team to ensure system performance