Solar Photovoltaic Senior Technician

Fresno, CA 93722

The Electrician will install and maintain the electrical wiring, fixtures, and systems in buildings.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
– None.

– Installs solar panels on roofs and other structures.
– Troubleshoot AC & DC electrical systems, identify faults, determine equipment status.
– Configures PV systems based on site conditions and customers’ needs and expectations; connects panels to the power grid.
– Follows building standards and codes when making repairs, process RMA’s with manufacturer.
– Ensures that equipment is weather sealed.
– Performs routine maintenance on PV systems, clean modules, and inverters.
– Communicate in a professional manor with clients, handle frustrated clients.
– Performs other related duties as assigned.

Required Skills/Abilities:
– Extensive knowledge of PV equipment and installation.
– Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
– Ability to read building plans.
– Ability to use hand and power tools to install PV panels.
– Understand the functions and use of a Volt Ohm meter.
– Ability to use a clamp style Ammeter
– Good Understanding of Electrical Code and ampacity of conductors.

Education and Experience:
– High school diploma or equivalent required.
– Vocational or technical school training preferred, but not required.
– Previous related experience preferred at least 4yrs.
– NABCEP Certification preferred, but not required.
– ET Card Preferred, but not required.
– Inverter/Solar Equipment Manufacturer Certifications (Any)

Physical Requirements:
– Must be able to work at great heights.
– Prolonged periods of kneeling, bending, crouching, and climbing ladders.
– Must be able to lift at least 45 pounds at a time.
– Ability to work in confined spaces such as attics
– Ability to work under stress
– Ability to work in the sun and high heat situations
– Must have a clean driving record