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Your Solar Journey Starts Right at Home

We’re providing the same educational solar experience as before, with a little twist. We use technology to our advantage to make the process quick and easy.

How it Works

Step 1

Property Evaluation

We pull up your property using Aurora Solar®’s design that utilizes satellite mapping. This allows us to get a first look at the property and to gauge what size system your roof can accommodate.

Step 2

Pull Energy Usage

We gather your previous 12 months of electric usage history to properly size your system. We then take your input into account from there.

Step 3

System Design

Your consultant will use the information from Steps 1 & 2 and your design input to create your customized solar system.

How Should I Prepare?

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Submit Your Home Address

Provide Utility Account #

Process FAQs

Q: How accurate is a virtual quote?

The same sales process is followed when generating a virtual quote. The proposal we design to cover the energy needs for your home/commercial property will be just as accurate in terms of pricing and sizing of the system.

Q: Is a Virtual Quote guaranteed, even after a site inspection?

A: There are situations where we find out new information about the property upon a site evaluation in the field. At this point, we would make changes to the layout we provided which can also affect the cost and timeline of your solar project.