Lasting savings and excellent customer service.

“Don’t get solar until you call them. We got a 2.99% rate loan, so the payment is less than my PG&E bill. In less than 10 years we’ll have it paid off – unlike my energy bills, it will go away forever! Our utility bill was $0 in the summer, I couldn’t believe it. So happy I went with Solar Negotiators.  ”


Now with Over 1,600 Happy Customers

We here at Solar Negotiators credit our growth to our single biggest asset: our customers. Our clients made the decision to choose and trust in us, a small local company. It’s amazing what a company can accomplish by positive word of mouth, whether it be through online reviews or testimonials. It speaks volumes about the work our company does because it not only means that our clients trust us, but that they want others to as well. Read our reviews below to learn more about what Solar Negotiators for our clients and our local community.

Providing our customers’ with long-term care.

With Solar Negotiators, you’re left with more than just a solar warranty after installation. We focus on the our customer’s long-term solar experience, which starts with the best price. Our team also builds panel cleaning, maintenance, and monitoring into your contract to ensure that you’re receiving quality care over the life of the system.  Our customer care team is here to ensure that excellent customer service extends beyond your installation date.

Real people, sharing real experiences.