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Solar Services For Bakersfield Residents

Solar Negotiators provides solar and battery storage installation, maintenance, and consultation services for residents of Bakersfield, California. We help homeowners invest in their home’s energy needs and provide knowledge on solar panel systems. Customers can contact us for any questions regarding solar energy in Bakersfield.

The investment in solar should be efficient and provide long-term returns while reducing energy bills. It is important to choose a solar company that guides you through the entire process, from design to installation, and handles all necessary paperwork and inspections.

Save on energy costs monthly

Track your solar energy data

Stress less with lifetime maintenance

Become grid independent

We have a team of solar experts at our Bakersfield office who are dedicated to ensuring you get all the information you need to get solar, maintenance, and other solar services done.

As your lifetime energy partner, your success in solar savings and energy independence is important to us. That’s why we are the full package when it comes to having the right solar experience and knowledge. 

Why We Are The Top Choice For The Bakersfield Area

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How Solar Batteries Will Shape The Solar Industry

Residential solar energy exports have decreased by over 75%, so it is more beneficial to store solar energy for later use during peak hours when energy is more expensive. Investing in smart batteries that store solar energy can save you more money in the long run. 

It is important to carefully consider the balance of solar production and battery storage capacity to achieve maximum savings and ROI in a NEM 3.0 world.

Maximize Your Energy Savings with Smart Battery Technology

Be More Self-Reliant: Store and Use Your Own Solar Produced Energy

Never Be Left in the Dark: Benefit from Backup Power During Power Outages

Our Exclusive Lifetime Labor Warranty Provides Added Protection

 Solar Negotiators provides a range of solar services in Bakersfield, including installation, maintenance, and consultation. We have expertise in the solar industry and offer an exclusive Lifetime Labor Warranty. We’re experts in the solar industry and have already worked out the math for you to maximize your savings while being plugged into a reliable power source. Contact us today to learn more about the different cost saving options we have available. 

Serving Residents Near You

As Bakersfield solar experts, we know it’s important to provide our clients with the most accurate NEM 3 modeling so that the proper solar energy systems can be installed for max savings.  We’ll listen to your energy preferences and goals, and come up with a solution that’ll fit your needs.

Solar Negotiators will guide you through the solar process and into a future with energy independence, off-grid security, and energy cost savings. If you’re going to install solar panels or home solar batteries, let it be us!

Contact us today to begin your journey with dedicated Bakersfield solar services.

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Helpful Solar Resources For Bakersfield, CA

Access PG&E Emergency Bakersfield Power Outage Map

It is a public concern whenever there are power outages happening in Bakersfield. PG&E has additional links for emergencies, as well as power outage maps to check if your local neighborhood is affected by the outage.

Bad weather and storms can result in power outages in your area, be sure to check your local news and prepare for these storms. 

Sign up for alerts from PG&E so that when there is an outage, you’ll get notifications for public safety power shutoff.

Sign Up for Alerts

To prepare for power outages, keep emergency numbers handy, have a backup plan for life support equipment, keep a phone and flashlight with fresh batteries, turn off heat-producing appliances, protect electronics with surge suppressors, keep refrigerators and freezers closed, and have nonperishable food and a manual can opener on hand. Use generators safely and inform your utility company if you have one.

See Bakersfield Power Outage Map

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Bakersfield Fire Department In Case Of Emergency

The Bakersfield Fire Department provides fire suppression, emergency medical services, heavy and technical rescue, hazardous materials mitigation, water rescue, and other life safety services around-the-clock to a growing community of over 360,000 citizens.

Bakersfield Public Works Page

The Public Works Department is responsible for the design, construction, renovation, and operation of public projects in the City of Bakersfield. To ensure construction and development is up to code, please visit this website for more information. If you have any big solar projects that you want to do for residential or commercial, please review any additional processes needed to get approved by the city of Bakersfield.

Bakersfield Solar Services Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are licensed and insured. Our license number is: CA State Electrical Contractor License (C-10) #102191

At Solar Negotiators, we take pride in our extensive range of products available in the local market, all offered at the most competitive rates. Our team is dedicated to selecting only the best products to ensure our customers receive the highest quality. Each of our products go through a stringent vetting process and hand-picked to be offered to our clients. We offer both Enphase and SolarEdge inverter options. As for the brands we carry: Q CELLS, Canadian Solar, Mission Solar, Hanwa, REC, Panasonic, Jinko, Trina, Solaria, and AXITEC, but do not currently offer Tesla or Sunpower products.

Yes, we offer lifetime warranty on our products and also the workmanship of our services

We do the paperwork for you but you’ll have to approve and sign them so we can move forward onto the next stage for installations.

This process typically can take anywhere from 2 months to 6 months during busy seasons such as the transition to NEM-3, can take up to 6 months 

At Solar Negotiators, we offer solar financing options that require no initial investment and offer tax savings. Our team collaborates with some of the most reputable financial institutions in the state to provide our clients with an array of low-interest home improvement loans. The financing loan options we offer have terms ranging from 10-20 years.

As your lifetime energy partner, we pride ourselves with being able to provide you with post-solar installation services such as our Know True Up, solar panel cleaning, and repairs if needed.

During the installation process, we conduct frequent inspections before and after to ensure that the installation was a success. After installation, our software picks up how efficient your solar systems are and if there’s an anomaly, we can check it out.

Solar Services

Now you can have your own energy grid at home. Solar Negotiators Powershift Program offers different protection plans built around our client's different priorities.
Now you can have your own energy grid at home. Solar Negotiators Powershift Program offers different protection plans built around our client's different priorities.