Net metering 3.0 explained

California changed their solar policy on April 13, 2023 to what is now known as NEM 3.0. Here you can find answers about what the major changes are and how they effect you as a solar customer.

Powershift plans

We are excited to introduce our new Powershift® Plans to homeowners—our solution to California’s new net-metering 3.0 policy.

How does it work?

Solar Negotiators’ top priority is making sure we deliver on our promise to our customers. In the past that has meant achieving the greatest possible energy savings by offsetting utility costs with solar power. Now, that may mean something a bit different to our customers. Moving forward, our clients will get to pick and choose what they want from their solar experience.

Pick an energy goal.


Store and save power for later use. This savings-only option does not provide backup capability in the event of a power outage, but instead prioritizes savings and minimizes payback time.

Select this option


Let us design your own home energy grid. Break-free and embrace energy independently by reducing your reliance on the grid. Select protected loads to power in the event of an outage. 

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Request a solar consultation.

Fill out our online inquiry form after choosing which Powershift® Plan option you’re interested in. One of our Customer Success Team members will receive your request and reach out within 60 minutes to gather more info to prepare you for your consultation.

  1.  We will make sure to confirm your plan choice with you, ask about your energy savings goals, and you property details.

  2. Our Customer Success Team will set you up with an available solar expert at the earliest possible  date/time that works conveniently with you schedule.

Finalize your design with a solar expert.

Our sales team has built a smart-calculator that first considers the customer’s total annual consumption (similar to solar)—but then factors in the client’s preference prioritizing: savings, protection and independence. We ask the important questions, and use a calculated approach to design exactly what our customers need to achieve their goal.