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We're Solar Experts in Tyner Homes

Considering all the benefits of solar power? Look no further than Solar Negotiators, Tyner Homes’s premier solar contractor. With an impressive 1,300+ 5-star Google Reviews, our satisfied customers highlight our expertise in helping them transition to solar and achieve significant cost savings. We offer a range of services, including solar system installation, advanced battery storage solutions, and expert consultations, all backed by professional and cost-effective maintenance. Take action now and request a solar quote for your Tyner Homes residence to unlock substantial savings.

Why We Are The Top Choice For The Tyner Homes Area

Over 1,300 Reviews on Google

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The Only Company to Provide a Lifetime Warranty

Tyner Homes Solar Contractors

Recognized as Tyner Homes’s solar experts, we know that accurate NEM 3.0 modeling is crucial for maximizing your cost savings with solar energy systems. Your energy preferences and goals are our top priority, so we’re dedicated to creating a tailored solution that precisely suits your needs. At Solar Negotiators, we are your trusted guide through the solar process, leading you toward a future characterized by energy independence and substantial cost savings.

Whether you’re considering installing solar panels or home solar batteries, we are your preferred choice. Begin your solar journey today with the assurance of dedicated solar services available in Tyner Homes.

Save Money on Power Bills with Solar

The choice to invest in solar should revolve around efficiency and the potential for long-term financial gains while lowering energy expenses. Partnering with a solar company that takes you through the entire process, from design to installation, and handles all the necessary paperwork and inspections, is critical. Our responsibility is to educate you about the benefits of solar and assist you in projecting the potential cost savings attainable through solar.

Solar Services in Tyner Homes

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Now Is The Right Time For Solar Panels

Reduce Being Dependent On Power Companies

Have Solar Work For You

Enjoy A 30% Federal Tax Credit

Get the most accurate solar energy system pricing. We review your solar quote in-person or virtually to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Save on energy costs monthly

Track your solar energy data

Stress less with lifetime maintenance

Become grid independent

Solar Knowledge With A Team Of Experts

In our Bakersfield office, we have a team of solar experts ready to assist you with all the information and services necessary for your solar installation, maintenance, and other solar-related needs. We are deeply committed to being your lifetime energy partner, ensuring your success in achieving solar savings and energy independence. When it comes to delivering a complete and well-rounded solar experience, we are the full package.

Our Exclusive Lifetime Labor Warranty Provides Added Protection

Solar Negotiators offers a range of solar services in Tyner Homes, spanning installation, maintenance, and expert consultation. With our deep knowledge of the solar industry, we proudly provide an exclusive Lifetime Labor Warranty. We’ve already done the calculations to help you maximize your savings while staying connected to a reliable power source. Get in touch with us today to explore the different cost-saving options we have for you.

How Solar Batteries Will Shape The Solar Industry In California and Beyond

Residential solar energy exports have decreased by over 75%, so it is more beneficial to store solar energy for later use during peak hours when energy is more expensive. This affects residents living in Bakersfield, CA and all of California post NEM 3.0. That is why investing in smart batteries that store solar energy can save you more money in the long run. 

It is important to carefully consider the balance of solar production and battery storage capacity to achieve maximum savings and ROI in a NEM 3.0 world.

Maximize Your Energy Savings with Smart Battery Technology

Be More Self-Reliant: Store and Use Your Own Solar Produced Energy

Never Be Left in the Dark: Benefit from Backup Power During Power Outages