Your Guide To Solar Carports: Are They Worth the Cost?

Deciding to install solar for your house comes with more decisions than just whether to do it. You also need to pick where to install the solar panels that fit best with your house and its needs. Solar energy comes from panels on your house that transform sunlight into electricity. This is a cleaner form of energy and allows you to save money on your electricity bill. So when you’re looking into installing solar, a solar carport may be the right choice.

What is a Solar Carport?

A carport is something you build as an addition to your house when there’s no existing garage. This allows for you to park outside but with shade to keep your car from overheating. Now, a solar carport is similar but with an added feature. Solar panels are installed at the top of the carport that collects solar energy. The car can park under the structure and it functions as a shade provider and a solar collector. A solar carport is similar to ground-mounted panels but stands taller to allow for a car to park.

Commercial solar carport installations recently trended with large companies like Google, Whole Foods, and even Walmart. You may have even driven past or parked under a solar carport without realizing it. They look similar to normal carports but with darker, almost reflective, panels on the top. Solar carports aren’t just for corporate use but also homeowners.

What is a Rooftop Solar Installation?

A rooftop solar installation occurs when the panels are installed directly to the roof. A rooftop installation is often the first option for a solar installation but there are instances where it’s not possible to install the panels on the roof. Such factors include the shape of the roof, the size, or other factors that would be disclosed to you when the installer checks out the roof ahead of time. If you’re having questions about whether your roof would work for solar panels, it is always best to consult a professional.

Benefits of a Solar Carport

There are reasons that a solar carport may be considered over the traditional roof installation that may benefit you. The first is that you don’t want or can’t have panels installed on your roof. This option allows you to have flexibility and control as to where your installation goes. If you’re unable to install it on the roof then you can build a solar carport to still receive the benefits of solar.

A carport system also allows for a bigger system in a smaller amount of space. You are also optimizing the space that your car would already park in by also making it an effective way to save on energy and provide shade for your car.

Another benefit is the savings that come along with savings on your energy bill. You have to invest in installing a system but after a while, you will be saving more than the price of the system.

Benefits of a Rooftop Installation

The greatest benefit of a rooftop installation is you could save money faster with the solar panels installed there. However, not every roof is a viable option for rooftop installation. It depends on many factors and so this option isn’t for everyone. Although a rooftop installation is an effective way to save money and is the most common solar installation for homeowners.

How Do I Know Which to Choose?

So you now know the basic difference between a solar rooftop and a carport system but maybe aren’t certain which is the right choice for you. There are professionals available to help you find the best options for you, your house, and your wallet. When choosing a system type it comes down to the best way to install because all solar is a great saver for you and the environment.

Solar Negotiators is based in California and made it our mission to help you find the right system for you. You can schedule a consultation and we can get someone over to help design the right system for your home.

Reduce your reliance on the energy grid.

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This eBook helps you understand how solar carports can help you save money for your home or business.
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