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1. How does this all work?

The pricing & included services in the agreements our consultants can offer through our network is typically more robust and competitive than the rest of the market. This is primarily due to the strength and quality of our business model. Our network contractors offer discounted labor rates in return for providing them with a steady stream of projects they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

2. Do you offer leasing or purchasing?

Solar Negotiators recommends solar purchases to all our clients. Purchasing can sometimes be overlooked because people are under the impression that you must have cash on hand to invest. Similar to leasing, there are options that include no out-of-pocket cost.
The great thing about financing your solar project is that it is under your terms. Our sales consultants work with you to build custom financial plans. This way, you can pay off your system as soon as you’re able, while keeping your monthly payments lower than your current energy bill. Because your monthly costs will be reduced, these $0 money down options mean instant savings.

3. How long have you been in business?

In 2009, Chris Moran founded a small company in his garage as an honest business to help consumers get the facts on solar systems in California. Ten years later, Solar Negotiators is now the largest local solar provider in the Central Valley.

It is our mission at Solar Negotiators to help our clients find the most effective, cost-saving solar systems to meet their needs. Our team has a firm belief in honesty and integrity when dealing with our customers, suppliers, employees, and community partners. We bring our premier network of local service providers together with our clients to provide the best overall solar solutions.
We are not contractors, we sell directly for our extensive network of local contractors to offer you the best combination of quality installation and equipment. Solar Negotiators encourages consumers shopping for solar to explore other options first. This ensures our clients we offer the lowest rates. We do everything in our power to make sure our client’s solar experience goes smoothly and that they are involved every step of the way.