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Solar Negotiators is the top-reviewed solar company in Fresno, CA. Local residents have known us since 2009. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we provide accurate, reliable, and high-quality solar services to Fresno residents. Our services include solar installation, maintenance, repairs, monitoring, battery add-ons, and solar consultation.

Investing in solar energy is not just an investment in a greener future, but also a chance to drastically reduce your energy costs. At Solar Negotiators, our top priority is making homeowners feel confident in their choice to go solar before making a final decision. Education is the first step in understanding the net savings gained by solar. 

A Dedicated Solar Company For Your Home in Fresno

We’re not your typical home service contractor—we’re a team of dedicated professionals committed to making a difference every single day in the Fresno, California energy landscape and filling your pockets with energy savings.

During our 14 years in business, we have led the local industry based on the simple truth that the future of energy resides in solar power. Harnessing solar energy holds the key to a sustainable and more cost-efficient future. These are exciting times for Fresno’s residents as more and more homeowners are adopting solar panels on their roofs.

We believe in educating our customers about the process as much as the solar installation itself. Our team of trained professionals are well-versed with the nuances of solar power, including system design, installation, and maintenance processes.

With service areas across Fresno, Madera, Visalia, Tulare, and Bakersfield, you can count on us to deliver an unparalleled solar service experience. Think about it this way—we’re the top locally-headquartered solar company specializing in residential solar installations that you can count on.

Why Get Solar Panels in Fresno?

Solar energy has been a popular investment option among Fresno residents for many reasons.

Residential Electric Prices Are The Third Highest in the Country across 450 Electric Utilities 

The average residential electric price in Fresno is $0.38/kWh, which is 28% higher than the average electricity rate in California of $0.30/kWh and 111% higher than the national average of $0.18/kWh.

Excellent Sun Exposure in Fresno

California is the 5th sunniest state in the U.S., and specifically in the Central Valley, Fresno has gets a lot of sun. This means that solar production is better on your roof in Fresno than it would be if you had the same roof in Minnesota or Oregon or Tennessee. 

Solar Cost Savings

Solar installations can lead to substantial cost savings on electricity bills. Homeowners can enjoy their own energy production and energy storage, and reduce their reliance on traditional utility providers. Going solar can drastically cut your monthly energy bills by more than half! 

Energy Independence

In addition to savings, homeowners can choose to include battery backup capabilities to maintain power during grid interruptions, ensuring a continuous energy supply. If you live in rural areas of Central California, you’ll know that grid-reliance can be a major pain-point during power outages. This is especially true if you live in the foothill and mountain communities.

Going solar will allow you the option to be self-sufficient during times of utility distress. This is an option for those who prioritize grid independence over maximum cost-savings. Your solar plan should always be customized to your energy preferences and lifestyle goals.

Tax Credits For Solar

Part of the Inflation Reduction Act was an extension of the Federal Investment Tax Credit for homeowners who go solar. It has a value of 30% of the solar and/battery system cost and is a dollar for dollar federal tax credit that gets applied to your federal tax liabilities after your withholdings are taken into account. A tax credit, which covers your liabilities, is a lot more beneficial than a tax deduction, which lowers the amount of liabilities you have (be sure to consult with your professional tax advisor as everyone’s tax situation is different). The value of the federal tax credit is a large component of the electric cost savings homeowners can expect as a result of going solar. 

Environmental Benefits

Solar energy is a clean and sustainable energy source. It significantly reduces carbon emissions and has a positive impact on the environment by curbing the reliance on fossil fuels. Solar Negotiators is committed to helping the Fresno community adopt green energy.

Property Value

Solar installations can potentially, and typically, increase the resale value of properties. In a market where eco-friendly and energy-efficient features are increasingly desirable, a property with a solar power system can attract higher market prices. The costs of the solar system can often be added onto the sale of your home, allowing you to recoup all or a portion of your investment.

Solar Panel Install Process

Our solar process is managed by our team of expert solar professionals in Fresno. We’ve been complimented on our sales approach and professionalism by many Fresno residents who’ve met with us over the years.

After you express interest in solar panel installation we’ll get you connected for a free consultation with one of our solar energy consultants. At your free consultation you will receive a customized proposal based on your electric usage history, lifestyle goals, and property information. By using our proprietary technology, Know True-Up, we can accurately predict what your savings will be using over 8,000 data points of your recent annual electric usage history.

We help you understand how the numbers were calculated and what to expect with your investment in solar. Your solar consultant will review the ins and outs regarding how your solar system will be both connected to your home and to the utility grid. After choosing us as your solar provider we handle site-survey, design & engineering, permitting, installation, inspections, and interconnection with the utility. Beyond your system’s activation we perform routine cleanings, inspections and continuous monitoring.

As you can tell from our dedicated processes our solar experts operate with professionalism and precision when it comes to your home and solar potential.

Embracing Solar Energy As Reliable

We understand that every home is different, which is why we provide custom quotes to make solar energy affordable for every Fresno homeowner.

As the demand for solar in Fresno increases, Solar Negotiators is committed to simplifying the solar process for homeowners and businesses, from crafting the perfect system for your home to navigating through the permitting process with building departments and utilities. We are as reliable as solar energy itself!

Our company strives to keep the focus on you, your home, and your future while delivering savings solutions and recommendations for optimizing your solar system and electric consumption. We are paving the way for a brighter future where Fresno and California residents can thrive on the energy they generate.

Get The Most Out Of Your Home In Fresno, CA!

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