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Are you contemplating the transition to solar energy? Don’t miss out on significant cost savings! Contact Solar Negotiators, the highest-rated solar contractor in Kern City. Our outstanding track record is exemplified by more than 1,300 ecstatic 5-star Google Reviews from satisfied customers who have successfully made the switch to solar. Our comprehensive services include solar system installation, maintenance, battery storage, and expert solar consultation. Secure a solar quote for your Bakersfield home today and start your solar journey with vetted professionals.

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Kern City Solar Contractors

As trusted Kern City solar experts, we understand the importance of accurate NEM 3.0 modeling to help you achieve ultimate savings. Developed in-house, our Know True Up software is highly accurate in projecting cost-savings, so you can rest assured. Your energy preferences and goals are our primary focus, and we’re committed to designing a solution that aligns perfectly with your unique needs. Solar Negotiators is here to guide you through the solar process, steering you toward a future marked by energy independence and substantial cost savings.

Whether you’re contemplating solar panel installations or home solar batteries add-ons, we are your ideal choice. Begin your solar journey today with our dedicated solar services offered in Kern City.

Save Money on Power Bills with Solar

When considering an investment in solar, the emphasis should be on efficiency and long-term financial gains while lowering energy expenditures. Choosing a solar company that takes care of every step, from design to installation, as well as handling all the essential paperwork and inspections, is key. We’ll do all the heavy lifting! Our role is to educate you on the advantages of solar and assist you in projecting the potential savings you can attain through solar.

Solar Services in Kern City

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Get the most accurate solar energy system pricing. We review your solar quote in-person or virtually to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Our Exclusive Lifetime Labor Warranty Provides Added Protection

Solar Negotiators delivers an array of solar services in Kern City, spanning installation, maintenance, and expert consultation. With our extensive experience in the solar industry, we’re pleased to offer an exclusive Lifetime Labor Warranty. As industry experts, we’ve done the calculations to ensure you save big while being connected to a reliable power source. Reach out to us today to learn more about the different cost-saving options we have available.