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Solar Negotiators Lifetime Warranty®

All Solar Systems Need Maintenance

Your new solar system will need maintenance to get the best return on your investment. This is not always explained thoroughly by solar companies, since contractors do not usually specialize in the service of solar systems after installation.

As solar service experts, Solar Negotiators provides free protection in our lifetime warranty.

Everything’s Included with Installation

Unlike a regular solar warranty, with Solar Negotiators you get the assurance that your solar system will be not just installed perfectly, but maintained by our team of experts as long as you live in the home. Long-term energy savings are dependent on your system’s solar production— that’s why you need to choose a company that will remain accountable to you and your solar system.

Issues can and will happen over the 15-20 years you rely on your solar system for energy production. However, with Solar Negotiators Lifetime Warranty® you can know that not only will our team find and tackle the issue quickly, you will not have to pay for any repair costs.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Solar Negotiators is the only company to offer a lifetime bumper-to-bumper warranty on your solar system. This covers labor involved in on-site visits for inspection, repair, and maintenance work. Your workmanship warranty is valid as long as you live in the home. Upon sale and title transfer of the home, the warranty will be voided and the new homeowner will need to contact us to purchase a maintenance & warranty plan.

Repair Promise

During the entire warranty period, Solar Negotiators will honor the System Warranty and will repair or replace any defective part, material or component or correct any defective workmanship, at no cost or expense to you (including all labor costs), when you submit a valid claim to us under this limited warranty (the “Repair Promise”). If we damage your home, your belongings or your property we will repair the damage we cause or pay you for the damage we cause.

Solar Negotiators may use new or reconditioned parts when making repairs or replacements. We may also, at no additional cost to you, upgrade or add to any part of the System to ensure that it performs according to the guarantees set forth in this limited warranty. Cosmetic repairs that do not involve safety or performance shall be made at the contractor’s discretion. This warranty is transferable to subsequent owners of the home during the warranty periods specified in each customer’s individual home improvement agreement.

Lifetime Pros Membership — Basic Plan

When you choose Solar Negotiators for your solar installation project, you unlock access to a FREE LIFETIME Basic Pros Membership plan with your warranty. A Basic Pros Membership includes annual panel cleanings with a visual inspection, human monitoring services with our proprietary Know True-Up® software, and a personal Energy Liaison assigned to your solar account.

At any time, you can upgrade your Pros Membership plan to increase your level of service. Pros Membership plans are also available to purchase for customers who already have solar installed on their home.

solar energy monitoring

Human Monitoring

We actively monitor your solar production to find issues and keep you on track.

solar panel cleaning crew on roof

Panel Cleaning

Maximize production by keeping your solar panels free of dirt and debris.

solar customer service with headset

Energy Liaison Services

A team member is assigned to you to keep you updated on your system’s performance.


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