Referral Program FAQ's

Know someone interested in solar? We will set them up with your consultant for a free quote!
Please visit our terms and conditions page to review the specific limitations on referrals and payments. 
  1. You can now earn $1,000 by referring someone to switch to solar. The referred client must sign a new sales contract after April 14th, 2023, and payments are made once the project is completed. 
  2. Project must include at least 5.0 kW of solar. 
  3. Although we greatly appreciate all the referrals our clients have sent us over the years. The Power Up Referral Program is a new promotion and only applies to referrals sent January 1, 2020 and on. Past referrals sent to us will not be counted retroactively towards your total amount of referrals to qualify for bonuses and tier ups.
  4. Referral payments over $500 or cumulative payments exceeding $500 in one fiscal year may have tax implications. Solar Negotiators reserves the right to ask for any relevant tax information from our clients to 1099 referral checks and/or bonuses made out. We recommend you consult your tax professional for more information.
  5. Referrals must be identified and confirmed before or during the referred client’s Welcome Call with Solar Negotiators.

We pay you $1000 per referral you send us once their project is complete.

Referral checks will be written out and mailed to you once the client you referred is installed and their project has been funded. If you’re sure that your friend has completed their project, but your check hasn’t been mailed, please contact us and we’ll help resolve the problem.

Our accounting department will notify marketing once your qualifying referral (5th and 10th) check has been made out after January 1, 2020, and add your additional bonus fee to your $1000 referral check.

No. We will pay you for each and every referral you send us as long as they mention you by name. Referrals will carry over year to year, so you have the opportunity reach the next tier even after the fiscal year has ended.


Are you a social butterfly? Use your network of friends to generate referrals for us a reap the rewards by powering up to the next tier.


Tap into your social network:

1. Colleagues
2. Clients
3. Network Partners


Those closest to you will trust your take on our business. They may consider going solar simply from hearing of the benefits directly from you.

Link Sharing

Share referral link with your contact list. This allows you to easily and quickly send personalized messages with informational on how to sign up with us.

Step 1: Visit our referral page Go to to get started.
Step 2: Select “share” with friends Choose how you want to share our program with your network.
Step 3: Sit back and relax Wait to see how your friends and family respond, we will update you on any referrals we receive.

Social Media
  • Promote us on social media by sharing our page, reposting your reviews, or being featured in our new “Solar Spotlight” segment.
  • Share our company page Be sure to like our page, and then hit the “share” button to post about us on your personal wall.
  • Repost your review Leave us a client review on Facebook or Yelp, and then hit the “share” button to repost the review on your wall.
  • Get featured in solar spotlight Contact our team to share your happy experience with others.
Word of Mouth

Good ol’ word of mouth is always effective for sparking interest in those around you. Let everyone know about your positive experience in-person when the chance presents itself.

Submit Directly

Directly send us names & numbers of people you know are interested in exploring solar as an investment option. This is the easiest way for us to track your referrals and know they are in the best hands with a company you trust.