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Customer Highlight

Client Name: Ryan Hansen

Installation Date: November 11, 2017

System Size: 7.5 kilowatts

Average Bill Before Solar: $450.00/mo

Bill/Usage Offset: 110%

Estimated Savings: $55,000

His Family's Solar Story

“I got the best price that I'd seen so far. We got to negotiate back and forth, panels vs. cost. The whole thing just made sense from the very beginning. “

We were able to buy cash from Solar Negotiators. The reason that was important to us is because we wanted that return on investment to start right away. We have 5 kids, and as they get bigger and bigger our energy usage is just going up consistently. It was really nice to know that my rates are going to be locked in. We got 110% replacement, so that even as we use more I know we're not going to be paying anything that we use. We have that peace of mind that we are making it right on our rooftop.

Our Reviews

Solar Negotiators has thousands of happy clients willing to testify on our behalf. Our company is the single-highest rated solar business in California. Although we only focus on serving residents of the Central Valley, our positive reputation has spread across the web. We have over 300 combined reviews across all online review platforms.

200+ 5 Star Reviews on Google

Over 1,000 Names on Happy Client List

Highest-Rated Local Solar Business on Yelp

Top Competitors

There are many local companies that are doing good business and many of them are in our network. We provide a higher quality of customer care than many larger solar corporations. We pay attention to detail, and listen to our customers to ensure their needs are covered.

#1 Solar Competitor has 7 Google reviews

#2 Solar Competitor has 3 Star Rating on Yelp

2nd Highest Rated Business has 100 reviews

Our Reviews