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Solar Installation & Repair Services

Offering More Options Than Any Other Solar Company

Solar Negotiators offers customers the complete package: a unique combination of hassle-free energy savings and long-term solar services.

Hassle Free Energy Savings

Making the Solar Process Easy and Affordable

Solar Negotiators is focused on customer satisfaction. This starts with the best price, and ends with the highest value. We accomplish this by utilizing our network of local pros to bring you a quality installation with the most options for panels, equipment, financing.

Once you have signed your contract with one of our solar consultants, a project manager will be assigned to you to provide you with customer support during the installation process. We facilitate all the necessary steps for lending, permitting and interconnection and are available to answer questions you have along the way.

Long Term Services

What really sets our company apart is our ability to provide professional solar services after installation. Every customer receives the following services from Solar Maintenance Pros at no cost:

Lifetime Annual Professional Panel Cleaning

Lifetime Active Monitoring with In-House Support*

Lifetime Annual Visual System Inspection

Special Double-Protection Warranty Policy

*Availability of products may vary due to service territory.

Our Services

All Our Services are Absolutely Free and No-Obligation.

Solar Negotiators and our network of Pros are able to offer our clients more options, better service, and a lasting customer experience. We provide unique solar solutions to build a lasting customer experience.

Solar Consultation
Receive a free, no-obligation solar quote from our team of expert consultants. We listen to our clients needs, and break down and the cost associated with the project.

Compare Pricing Across our Network

System Design
We will scale a system customized to your property and suitable to your energy needs. Our team ensures all details are covered with the client.

Building PV Systems Customized to Your Home

Project Management
Each client is assigned a project manager who works with them through the life of their project, communicating with them on a weekly basis.

Customer Support Every Step of the Way

Affordable Financing
We provide financing assistance to our clients through various third party companies, negotiating the very best financing rates with lenders.

Low Cost Funding for Your Solar Project

Quality Installation
Solar Negotiators network contractors have been selected because of the quality of their workmanship and customer service reputation.

We Select the Right Contractor for You

System Maintenance
Receive professional cleanings, monitor, and protection for your system for the long term- all built into your project cost.

Lifetime Maintenance & Warranty Protection

Why We Offer Free Support

Don’t Know Where to Start? Give Us a Call at 844-OWN-SOLAR

The team at Solar Negotiators is happy to provide free information on solar to all homeowners interested in the process. Whether you already have multiple quotes or are just starting your research, please feel free to call our office with any and all questions.

Our team of expert consultants are trained to have the most up-to-date information on the market offerings, technology and government incentives to answer customer questions quickly and accurately.

Our Mission

It is our mission at Solar Negotiators to help our clients find the most effective, cost-saving solar systems to meet their needs.

Our team has a firm belief in honesty and integrity when dealing with our customers, suppliers, employees, and community partners. We bring our premier network of local service providers together with our clients to provide the best overall solar solutions.

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