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Get all your solar maintenance needs covered with Solar Negotiators. Our dedicated team of solar service experts won’t leave you hanging after installation. They’ll care for your system even after installing your solar, so you never have to worry.

We Include LIFETIME Human Monitoring & Maintenance

Everything mechanical breaks down without maintenance, even solar. We include everything you need for success in long-term energy savings. This includes cleaning, monitoring, inspection, and lifetime warranty protection of your system.

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We Keep Your Panels Clean

With our service, you’ll receive an annual visual inspection. There’s also a professional panel cleaning to free your panels of dirt and debris. Cleanings can boost solar production by as much as 35%!

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We Make Sure Your System is Working

Our exclusive software Know True-Up®, allows the best protection possible with human monitoring. We keep an eye on your solar production and if there are any issues, you will be alerted within 24 hours.

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We Fix Issues Quickly

Our licensed team of professional service technicians install your system. That means they know what components to check and what issues to look for. Your service tech leaves a written report detailing any issues during the inspection. You’ll also receive a quote to fix the issues.

Already Have Solar Panels?

Already gone solar but need service? We have the Central Valley’s largest solar maintenance division. Our team is ready to tackle the job, no matter your needs or the size. Contact us today to see how we can help get you back on track for solar success.

How Often Do I Clean My Solar Panels?

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A Minimum of Twice Per Year

We of Solar Negotiators give consumers the information and tools to make decisions. The Central Valley has a high rate of air pollution. This is due to heavy traffic flow and condensed areas of industrial manufacturers. These factors can contribute to needing your panels cleaned on a bi-annual basis. There are steps you can take to identify when you need to get your solar panels cleaned. One major way to know is when the production levels of your system decrease.

How Often Do I Check My Solar Inverter?

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Once Per Month

If you fail to check your inverter, it can have a negative impact on your solar investment. We recommend checking your inverter at least once a week. This prevents costly consequences that occur with underproduction. Over the course of several months, small system malfunctions can add up to worse issues.

How Do I Read My True-Up Bill?

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Your electric meter on your solar panels is “bidirectional". This means, your electric meter runs backward to measure the energy you produce.  It also will run forward each time you pull electricity from the grid. PG&E takes your “net” energy difference to reimburse you. This happens by either adding a credit to your account or bills you for using more energy than you produced. As stated earlier, you will receive an annual and a monthly bill statement. It is important to know how to read both, so you know if you’ve accrued any charges you weren’t expecting. Monitoring your system allows you to catch any irregularities and avoid costly repairs.

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