Solar Quote & Design

Partner with Solar Negotiators for a lifetime of solar success. We are the best resource for free information and reliable pricing on solar designs. Request a solar panel quote today from our team of experts to get started on your solar journey.

How the Solar Panel Quote Process Works

Going solar? Smart move. Compare pricing and offers by requesting a free solar panel quote from our team today. Get prequalified and discuss pricing with one of our knowledgeable, experienced sales consultants. Contact us today to book your free solar consultation.

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Customized Solar Quote Pricing to Fit Your Energy Needs

Get the most accurate solar energy system pricing possible by meeting with one of our expert sales consultants. They will make a customized recommendation for you based on your power usage and property information. We review your solar quote in-person or virtually to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Solar Energy System Design with Aurora® Solar

Trusted by industry experts around the globe, Aurora® Solar allows our team to create a custom solar design and sales proposal with just an address and a power bill.

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Model your utility data

Evaluate property details

Conduct  shade analysis

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Get a Customized Solar Quote

We provide customized solutions for every type of solar project. 

Solar Panel Installation

Become energy independent and save money long term through solar installation. 

Solar + Battery

Plan for future power blackouts by including a battery storage solution in your solar quote. 

System Addition

Account for increases in solar energy usage by adding panels to your current system.