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It can be intimidating to choose the right solar company for you. But going solar shouldn’t be difficult! Here at Solar Negotiators, we’re committed to providing the best experience for our customers in Bakersfield. We make it easy by providing support every step of the way. With guaranteed maintenance, monitoring, and installation at no additional cost, it’s no wonder Solar Negotiators is the top-rated local solar company with the best reviews and testimonials for solar panels in Bakersfield.

Help Bakersfield Go Green With Solar Energy

The sun thrives in Southern California, which is part of the reason why people are drawn to this beautiful country in the first place. Local homeowners, farmers, and businesses all choose Bakersfield for the excellent weather they find. In fact, Bakersfield averages 67 more sunny days a year than the US average. However, warmer weather can bring large electricity bills to provide a cool home as an escape from the hot sun. Not to mention large greenhouse gas emissions from powering such a large community.

But there is a cleaner and cheaper way to power your home in Bakersfield! Solar panels allow you to use natural energy from the sun to power your home instead of relying on electricity which releases greenhouse gases and contributes largely to air pollution. On average, homeowners in California that choose to use solar energy cut their electricity use (and electric bill) by more than 50%. Going solar is a huge step towards providing a greener community for Bakersfield.

You can be reassured that going solar will not only be beneficial for your home but will be sure to work. Solar panels work best, and provide the biggest difference, in locations that experience a lot of sun exposure. In Bakersfield, sunny days occur 75% of the year, which makes it the perfect location to benefit from solar energy! Plus, with a backup power battery available at Solar Negotiators, you can even receive solar help on days when the sun isn’t out.

How Solar Technology Works

The concept of a solar panel is simple enough to understand. But do you know how solar panels work and, more importantly, how they power your home? Here are the simple steps of a solar panel!

  1. When the sun shines on a solar panel, it creates an electric field.
  2. The generated power from the electric field goes to the edge of the solar panel and into a conductive wire.
  3. The conductive wire carries the electric field to the inverter. There it is converted from DC to AC.
  4. A wire then transfers the AC electricity from the inverter to the electric panel (also referred to as a breaker box). The electric panel then distributes the electricity as needed throughout the building.
  5. Any electricity not used at the time of generation is moved through the utility meter into the electrical grid. The flow of electricity through the meter leads it to run backward, crediting your property for excess generation.

Want to know more? We believe feeling satisfied with your research is critical. Check out our free e-book for more information on the benefits of going solar.

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