Whole-Home Battery Backup

Cut energy costs, enhance independence from the grid, and stay powered during outages with whole-home battery backup.

Whole-Home Battery Backup

Protection through anything.

Solar battery services

We provide full solar battery services—installation, maintenance, and consultation—ensuring reduced costs, grid independence, and outage protection for homeowners. Backed by warranties and top-tier expertise from the Solar Negotiators team.


Carefully plan and gather info for efficient solar battery installation. We guide you through every step to meet your energy needs professionally and as expected.


Our monitoring software shows your energy usage, optimal solar points, and detailed data. We prioritize transparency and honesty in our solar services.


Solar battery quotes depend on address, usage, home size, and energy goals. Optimal: 9.0 kW solar system. Choose us for clean, renewable energy and savings on bills.


Carefully plan and gather info for efficient solar battery installation. We guide you through every step to meet your energy needs professionally and as expected.


Solar Data Pros show your energy usage, optimal solar points, and detailed data. We prioritize transparency and honesty in our solar services.

Solar battery services from a top solar company

Looking for more information regarding home solar batteries? Stay informed about the changes in the industry regarding NEM 3.0, and what that means for solar and home solar battery systems moving forward.

Why solar batteries?

With solar panels and battery backup, homeowners can create their own energy hub, reducing reliance on the grid and ensuring uninterrupted power supply. Embrace sustainability while enjoying complete energy independence.

Minimize utility costs

Solar batteries store energy for optimal use, allowing homeowners to offset electricity costs during peak demand.

Maximize energy indepedence

You can reduce reliance on electric companies by using your own energy storage, depending on your solar battery system size.

Solar battery options

What our clients say

Cindy Clem
Cindy Clem
From Skeptic to Believer
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From the beginning, we were never pressured into making a snap decision. Our sales rep was very patient with our questions and also followed up with us during the whole process. We highly recommend Solar Negotiators for your solar needs. Take it from somebody who was a skeptic.
Michael Hargiss
Michael Hargiss
Top-Tier Solar Company
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Outstanding experience, I'm so glad I chose this provider! Their customer service is top tier. I talk with a human every time I call and within a reasonable wait time. Sherene B. in particular provided a helpful introduction tutorial for my new system and thoroughly answered all my questions. I highly recommend this company!
Christina Bailey
Christina BaileyVery Glad I Picked Solar Negotiators
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I've had nothing but a positive experience with this company so far. They've been helpful and friendly and very knowledgeable.. I was very grateful for them and am very glad I picked this solar company for our maintenance needs.
Paul Folks
Paul Folks
No-Pressure Sales Team
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Purposely waited for the whole procedure to be complete. The sales department conducted themselves professionally and still remained personable. No pressure and very informative while also respecting the other company’s out there.
Tina Barrios
Tina Barrios
They Thought of Everything!
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The entire process from start to finish was excellent. I appreciated the no pressure sale and how friendly and helpful everyone was. I was constantly updated on the progress and when it was completed I received a very thorough training on how to use the apps to monitor my system and True Up!
Gilbert Rivera
Gilbert RiveraGreat Pricing & Employees
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Overall experience with Solar Negotiators was outstanding. From day one they gave me all the information for me to make a decision on what I wanted and what it would cost me. We told them what we wanted with the solar and how we wanted it run. I would recommend this company for all your solar needs, monitoring and cleaning of the system.

Have you experienced a recent blackout?

Explore whole-home backup options with Solar Negotiators.

Frequently asked questions

A solar battery should last anywhere from 10 years to 25 years. Most home solar batteries sold today are made from lithium-ion. This type of battery is excellent for storing energy and delivering more power to the home than other options on the market. 

Most manufacturer warranties on solar batteries start at 10 years. That is a considerable length of time for you to be able to capitalize on saving on energy costs.

The cost of a solar battery will vary depending on the size, type, capacity, brand, and quantity of batteries you are planning to get. Typical batteries can cost anywhere between $8,000 to $20,000. Our battery programs are specific to the homeowner’s energy needs and their goals, so prices will vary.

A solar battery can help you save money on your electricity bill by allowing you to store excess solar energy and draw power from it during a time of day when electricity rates are higher. A solar battery can also provide backup power in the event of a power outage.

By assessing a solar batteries’ worth from an investment standpoint, you’d need to factor in many different things. Our sales team will start by asking what your goal is with purchasing a battery storage system. When discussing battery backup options, energy savings, and reliable power during blackouts are usually top of mind for homeowners. Another consideration when combining storage with solar power is calculating the annual energy consumption offset.

In general, a solar battery can be used to power your entire home, but it may not be able to do so for an extended period of time, especially if you have high energy needs. We do offer power plan packages to homeowners who’d like to sustain sufficiently off the power grid, but that typically comes at higher costs to homeowners who are looking for an extra peace of mind at home. 

A solar battery’s capacity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), and the amount of energy it can provide will depend on the battery’s size and the amount of sunlight available to recharge it. If you have a large solar battery and a low energy usage, it’s possible that the battery could power your entire home. 

The most common appliances that can operate on standard solar batteries will be your essentials such as refrigerators, internet modem, garage door, lights. They all fall under the basic battery protective loads. 

No, you do not necessarily need to have solar panels installed to use a battery storage system. However, solar panels are the most common way to charge a solar battery with renewable energy.

A solar battery then stores the excess electricity generated by the solar panels and converts it back into alternating current (AC) electricity when needed. This allows you to use the stored solar energy during times when the sun is not shining or when electricity rates are higher.

Choosing the right size and capacity for a solar battery depends on several factors: Energy usage habits, the size of your home, and the amount of sunlight available in your area. Here are some steps you can take to determine the right size and capacity for your solar battery:

  1. Determine your energy needs: Look at your electricity bills over the past year and determine your average daily energy usage. This will give you an idea of how much energy your solar battery will need to store.

  2. Consider your energy goals: Do you want to use your solar battery as a way to save money on your energy costs,, or do you want it to power your entire home during an outage? Your energy goals will help determine the size and capacity of your solar battery.

  3. Calculate your battery capacity: Our solar experts can help calculate the battery capacity you need in kilowatt-hours by asking about your energy goals and factoring in your current annual electricity consumption.

  4. Consider the battery’s discharge rate: The discharge rate refers to the amount of energy a battery can provide at any given time. If you have high energy needs, you may need a battery with a high discharge rate to ensure that it can power all of your appliances.

Just like any piece of equipment, regular upkeep is necessary to maintain optimal performance. Our technicians help keep the battery terminals clean by wiping the area of dirty and dust buildup, which can interfere with the unit’s performance. 

Our team of monitors will regularly check on your battery’s performance to identify any signs of degradation or malfunction. This includes checking the voltage and the battery’s overall health. 

With our exclusive Know True-Up® software, you’ll be able to stay up to date as you get to see your own solar battery energy performance and you’ll be notified if your energy storage and usage levels are lower than what it should be. Another option for you, is to ensure your solar panels get properly maintained and cleaned regularly, so you can be sure that your solar is working most efficiently. 

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