Our Team

We invest in our customer’s success by making sure we bring the right people on to our team. Each and every one of our staff members does their part to make your solar experience positive and memorable.

Executive Team

Sales, Marketing & Business Development

Meghan Harmon

Chief Revenue Officer

Customer Success

staff photo of Adriana Poindexter

Adriana Poindexter

Customer Success Manager

Henry Regier

Customer Success Representative

Paige Ginger

Customer Success Representative

Idalia Cruz

Sales Support Specialist

Erica Vasquez

Customer Retention Specialist

Jasmine Green

Customer Success Representative

Marketing & Business Development

Luke Moritz

Senior Marketing Manager
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Kelvin Lee

Digital Marketing Manager

Hunter Lee

Growth & Prospects Manager

Eric Tafoya

Customer Insights Analyst
Photo of Anastasia Matteson

Anastasia Matteson

Marketing Graphics Specialist

Field Marketing

John Tooley

Regional Manager, Field Marketing

Matthew Gendron

District Manager, Field Marketing

Jared Powell

Field Marketing Manager

Kekoa Alexander

Field Energy Advisor

Claudia Ortuno

Field Energy Advisor

Robert Gonzales

Field Energy Advisor

Xavian Storey

Field Energy Advisor

Gloria Pina

Field Energy Advisor

Dealer Relations

Chad McElhaney

Director of Dealer Services

Pete Hafen

Director of Dealer Relations

Sales Operations

RJ Fimbres

Director of Sales Operations

David Bentzen

Sales Manager

Chuck Rowland

Senior Sales Consultant

Jason Pierce

Independent Sales Partner Liaison Manager

Daniel Gibby

Sales Consultant

Robbie Zimbelman

Sales Consultant

Tyler Friesen

Sales Consultant

Eric Cisneros

Sales Consultant

IT/Data Security

Aaron Douglas

Director of IT and Customer Success

Cristian Mendoza

Systems Support Specialist

Quality Assurance

Sherene Boni

Quality Assurance Manager

Maria Aguilar

Quality Assurance Specialist