Solar Monitoring Services

Simplify your solar experience – track production, consumption, and reduce your True Up costs effortlessly.

Solar Monitoring

Optimize your solar performance.

Solar Negotiators save more because they have a team of expert monitors looking into their performance data on a regular basis. 

We've got your solar monitoring covered

At Solar Negotiators, our expert monitoring team ensures your solar system continues to run efficiently. We continuously monitor performance, identify issues, and recommend improvements, making solar energy hassle-free and optimizing your savings.

Our exclusive monitoring software, Know True-Up, helps to identify solar performance issues via alerts that our team can quickly investigate and resolve for solar customers, saving time and hassle.

Why choose our solar monitoring services?

Lifetime human monitoring

We offer continuous human monitoring throughout your solar contract.

Weekly email updates

Receive "Energy Snapshots" for easy solar performance and savings tracking.

System alerts

Our team monitors for performance history and equipment issues, ensuring optimal performance.

Proprietary software

Know True-Up tracks energy consumption and solar production to maximize annual savings.

User-friendly login

Access your solar data and pinpoint performance issues down to the hour.

We keep tabs on your solar performance

Sure you could monitor your own solar performance, but do you know what to look for? Our experts monitor your solar system & Know True-Up optimizes energy consumption and solar production.

Ways to unlock access to expert monitoring

Go solar with us

If you go solar with Solar Negotiators, we'll provide LIFETIME human monitoring at no additional cost.

Free 30 day trial

Get the benefits of our monitoring services without the cost. Ask about our 30 day free trials today.

Become a Pros Member

All of our Pros Membership plans include human monitoring with Know True-Up. Explore our plans today to start maximizing your solar potential.

What our clients say

Cindy Clem
Cindy Clem
From Skeptic to Believer
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From the beginning, we were never pressured into making a snap decision. Our sales rep was very patient with our questions and also followed up with us during the whole process. We highly recommend Solar Negotiators for your solar needs. Take it from somebody who was a skeptic.
Michael Hargiss
Michael Hargiss
Top-Tier Solar Company
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Outstanding experience, I'm so glad I chose this provider! Their customer service is top tier. I talk with a human every time I call and within a reasonable wait time. Sherene B. in particular provided a helpful introduction tutorial for my new system and thoroughly answered all my questions. I highly recommend this company!
Christina Bailey
Christina BaileyVery Glad I Picked Solar Negotiators
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I've had nothing but a positive experience with this company so far. They've been helpful and friendly and very knowledgeable.. I was very grateful for them and am very glad I picked this solar company for our maintenance needs.
Paul Folks
Paul Folks
No-Pressure Sales Team
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Purposely waited for the whole procedure to be complete. The sales department conducted themselves professionally and still remained personable. No pressure and very informative while also respecting the other company’s out there.
Tina Barrios
Tina Barrios
They Thought of Everything!
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The entire process from start to finish was excellent. I appreciated the no pressure sale and how friendly and helpful everyone was. I was constantly updated on the progress and when it was completed I received a very thorough training on how to use the apps to monitor my system and True Up!
Gilbert Rivera
Gilbert RiveraGreat Pricing & Employees
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Overall experience with Solar Negotiators was outstanding. From day one they gave me all the information for me to make a decision on what I wanted and what it would cost me. We told them what we wanted with the solar and how we wanted it run. I would recommend this company for all your solar needs, monitoring and cleaning of the system.

Solar monitoring FAQs

Solar monitoring involves tracking the performance of your solar energy system. It’s crucial to ensure it’s operating efficiently and to maximize savings.

Solar monitoring typically involves using specialized software to collect and analyze data from your solar panels and energy consumption. It helps identify issues and track energy production.

Know True-Up is our proprietary software that combines energy consumption and solar production data to optimize your savings and provide insights into your solar system’s performance.

Benefits include early detection of issues, maximizing energy production, optimizing savings, and peace of mind knowing your solar system is performing efficiently.

You will receive weekly “Energy Snapshots” emails with updates on your solar performance, savings, and any potential issues.

Yes, we provide user logins, allowing you to access detailed performance data and track your energy consumption and solar production on your own.

Our monitoring services offer different views that allow you to analyze performance data down to the hour, making it easy to identify and address any issues.

Yes, we offer lifetime human monitoring as part of every solar contract, ensuring you have dedicated experts overseeing your solar system.

Simply contact us, and we’ll guide you through the process to start maximizing your solar benefits with our monitoring services.

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