How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Solar Panel Lifespan Explained

As the years pass, solar is becoming more popular than ever before. People have always known that clean energy was the right way to go and the benefits of solar power. The many benefits of going solar are finally starting to become more apparent to people everywhere as it’s driving up the overall positive perception of going solar to the general population. 

Why are people moving towards solar?

Benefits like saving money, clean energy, and sustainable living are sending a positive message for people to invest in getting solar. As it becomes more popular, people are starting to ask many questions about solar. Like how long do solar panels last? This is a great question and will help people understand why going solar is an excellent investment.

  • Save money on energy
  • Clean, sustainable living
  • Less dependence on grid

You need to know that solar panels don’t have an expiration date. The average industry standard lifespan of a solar panel is 25-30 years. Plus, most companies will provide a warranty of up to 25 years. Even after 25 years, your panels will continue to collect energy but slowly reduce the amount of energy absorbed as time passes. 

Why Do Solar Panels Degrade?

So then comes the question: why do solar panels degrade? Solar panels are extremely tough and can withstand a lot. It is important to understand that the panels start to degrade because of normal wear and tear like everything else. Here are some of the reasons why your panels lose efficiency over time:

  • Changes in climate/weather
  • Reduction in chemicals in the panels = degradation rate
  • Installation issues
  • May differ depending on the type of solar panel

What Is a Solar Panel Degradation Rate?

Panels are constantly exposed to the UV rays from the sunlight and adverse weather conditions that cause degradation over time. Meaning your solar panel will not be able to absorb sunlight into energy because of the natural reduction of chemical potency within the panel. This is referred to as degradation rate. The lower the degradation rate, the better the panel. A low degradation rate will produce more energy over the panel’s lifetime. The worst degradation rate is about 0.80% a year, but the average degradation rate is 0.50% per panel. 

Degradation rates are different depending on the panels you get. Choosing the right brand can also play a big part in the degradation rate. High-quality solar panels have a lower degradation rate than poor-quality solar panels. So make sure you do your research before purchasing your solar panels to keep your production high. To learn more about the differences of each solar panel option, check out our blog article Types of Solar Panels.

How to Keep Your Solar Panels Efficient

Now you understand the degradation rates and how efficiency plays a part in the panels you choose to install. But, there are a few additional steps you can take to ensure that your solar panels remain efficient throughout the years:

  1. Work with a reputable solar installer that provides a routine checkup
  2. Wash your panels to remove dirt and debris.
  3. Maximize sun exposure on panels by ensuring they are not located in shaded areas.

These steps will help make your solar panels remain efficient and last as many years as possible, continuing to absorb more sun. Solar panels don’t require much maintenance, so following these simple steps will help prolong the life of your solar panels.

When to Consider Replacement

As you can see, solar panels will continue to produce energy for you after 25 years as long as you keep them well maintained. Even if you’ve taken all of the steps to maintain your solar panels, you should know that they will not be as efficient as when you first started using them. 

That’s why you must pay attention to their productivity. As long as your panels produce enough electricity to cover the needs of your home, you don’t need to replace them. If your electricity bill is going up and your solar panels are not generating enough electricity for your home, it’s probably time to replace them. 

How Solar Negotiators Ensures Long-Lasting Panels

Unlike a regular solar panel product warranty, with Solar Negotiators’ Lifetime Warranty you get the assurance that your solar system will be not just installed perfectly, but maintained by our team of experts as long as you live in the home. Long-term energy savings are dependent on your system’s solar production— that’s why you need to choose a solar company that will remain accountable to you and your solar system.

Issues can and will happen over the 15-20 years you rely on your solar system for energy production. And those issues can cost you with the wrong company or solar panel warranty. However, with Solar Negotiators Lifetime Warranty you can know that not only will our team find and tackle the issue quickly, you will not have to pay for any system repair costs.

Every Solar Negotiators customer receives a lifetime Basic Pros Membership when they go solar with our team. This solar package is exclusive to our company, but it can be purchased at an additional additional price for existing solar customers looking to sign up for a way to protect their solar investment. System Maintenance packages range from $9.99 to $34.99 depending on the level of service.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning – Complete with a visual inspection, our professional panel cleanings boost your energy production. Our technicians also make sure there are no issues with the system’s critical components.
  • Human Monitoring – Our software catches system issues quickly, sending alerts to our monitoring team for investigation. We keep an eye on your solar system’s performance for an added layer of assurance.
  • Inspection/Repair – Our licensed team of professional solar service technicians install your panel system. That means they know what components to check and what issues to look for. Your solar service tech leaves a written report detailing any system issues during the inspection. You’ll also receive a quote to fix the issues.

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Now that you have a better understanding of how long solar panels last. You can see that making this major financial investment can last for more than 25 years. Making full use of the benefits and energy savings can help you for decades. Just make sure you take care of them throughout the years to continue making a return on your investment. 

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