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Why should I finance my solar?

Competitive interest rates from 3.99%

Our low interest rates empower you to go solar while minimizing financing costs.

$0 to little down

Our zero-down loan options make taking the first step on your solar journey simple and accessible.

30% tax credit savings

Solar owners may qualify for the federal tax savings of 30%.

Flexible loan terms

Our lenders offer a variety of loan options that range from 10-30 year terms.

Long-term payback

The majority of clients make their money back in just 7-10 years.

What are my different options?

Home Improvement Loan (Solar Financing)

Best overall savings (recommended)
  • Homeowner owns the solar system outright
  • Eligible for tax credits and incentives
  • Solar system adds value to the property
  • Higher potential savings over the long term
  • More flexibility in choosing equipment

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

No financing needed
  • The solar system is owned and maintained by a third-party provider
  • Does not qualify for tax credits and incentives
  • No need for financing, pay for energy produced
  • Immediate savings with potential escalation
  • Contractual commitment for the PPA duration

Solar Lease

Limited risk, immediate savings
  • Ownership remains with the leasing company
  • Fixed monthly lease payments
  • May not be eligible for certain incentives
  • May not be eligible for certain incentives
  • Lease may need to be transferred to new owner

See what incentives you qualify for

Federal income tax credit (ITC)

Install solar and get a tax break! Eligible individuals and businesses can deduct a portion of their solar system installation costs from federal taxes.

Net-Energy-Metering (NEM)

California's net energy metering policy allows solar panel owners to sell excess electricity back to the grid, offsetting costs and promoting renewable energy adoption.

Clean Energy Initiatives for Disadvantaged Communities

Some Californians in disadvantaged communities may qualify for the market transition credit, paying more for their excess power.

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What factors affect solar adoption costs?

woman opening energy bill and reviewing charges

Power usage & energy bills

The amount of energy you consume directly influences the cost of adopting solar power. A sales consultant will need your annual utility usage when designing a system size in kilowatts for you.

solar installation crew laying down a panel on rooftop

Available roof space

Optimize your solar system for cost efficiency by using fewer panels without compromising power generation. Our expert team ensures a tailored solar setup for your home, maximizing savings.

a couple meeting with solar consultant next to solar panel

Solar equipment options

We are proud to have the widest selection of available solar panel products, empowering you to find cost-effective options, leading to savings on the overall cost of solar adoption.

Solar financing FAQs

With a qualifying credit score, our clients are able to receive the very best financing rates. Lenders serving our customers offer solar financing options that include a $0 down initial investment along with tax savings. Purchasing a solar system with a solar loan agreement may qualify you for additional tax credits, which means more money for you.

Not only do we offer 0% down on every loan, but we’re also able to link you to multiple solar financing options through our third-party lenders. Solar Negotiators is here to help you find an affordable financing option so you can get the solar panels you need to start saving on energy.

Keep in mind that the monthly payment will depend on the length, rate, and terms of the loan. You can also choose between a secured and unsecured loan. The best part? We’ll work with you to find the best loan option for you and your financial situation. Because financing terms may vary depending on each customer’s credit and financial strength, we suggest that you please consult a tax or financial professional before applying.

The average cost of solar panels and battery storage in the Fresno area is around $30,000-$40,000. While the total cost of solar adoption can seem quite high for some homeowners, the ultimate goal while financing your solar project is to have a monthly payment in range or less than your current monthly electricity cost. This provides the opportunity for immediate energy bill savings as well as protection from future electricity cost increases by your utility provider.

The total cost of adopting solar power is heavily influenced by the required battery storage capacity, with an average price of $10,000 for a 10 KWh battery system. Customers seeking backup power must consider adding 2-4 batteries, depending on their home’s size and the number of loads they aim to cover during outages. This significant expense for battery storage underscores the importance of carefully assessing energy needs and balancing them against budget considerations when transitioning to solar energy, as the investment in batteries can substantially impact the overall affordability and effectiveness of the system.

Learn more on solar financing

rooftop solar panels with blue sky background

5 Ways to Finance Your Solar System

This tax credit can reduce your solar costs and must be factored in when evaluating the cost savings for solar.

woman using calculator

Inside the Solar Tax Credit Incentive

This tax credit can reduce your solar costs and must be factored in when evaluating the cost savings for solar.

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